Print & Packaging

Print & Packaging


With more than 23 years of experience of providing best-in-class outsourcing services for our clients, we procure the necessary materials, such as paper, fabric, wood, tin, and plastics, required for our customers’ projects. We work as the single point of contact so that our customers are not required to approach multiple vendors for a
single project. We do all the work for our customers, which not only save them from the headache of dealing with multiple vendors but also greatly reduces costs through consolidation and process efficiency. This gives our customers an edge over their competitors in today’s competitive market







Customers demand high quality packaging, delivered anytime and anywhere,customized to their individual needs.

You need a partner who will work with you in every step of the way to solve these challenges, exceed market expectations, and help you grow your business. We have the expertise and passion to be your strategic partner for growth.

We are more than a contract packaging service provider. We offer assembly, packaging (packing, co-pack, repack, labeling, and other optional services upon request), fulfillment, distribution, and logistics services customized to the needs of
each of our customers. Whether you need rapid turnaround on a short production run of a single product or want a long-term partner to manage your full process, let us show you how we can help.






Warehousing & Distribution

To succeed in the highly competitive and globalized market, the supply chain needs to support multiple channels. Whether you need to distribute high volumes to retailers and distributors, small shipments to end-consumers locally, or new products launched across international markets, we handle the entire range of services from warehousing and distribution to highly sophisticated and customized value added services. A wide variety of services tailored to your needs guarantee the highest level of functionality and hassle-free processing