Product realization on special packaging and electronic products is our strength. We can work with you starting from a conversation, an idea, a product sketch or a specification document. Our industrial design capability provides you with detailed drawings and prototyping. Our engineering team works with industry leaders to offer you optimal and practical technical solutions. Our manufacturing team ensures that a sustainable supply chain is established for your products.






With years of experience, we provide creative and pragmatic solutions for our clients.
Whether it is new material introduction on special packaging or special content protection measures, we advise and support our clients throughout the whole product development process, from ideas to execution.

We actively perform supply market research when creating achievable solutions for our clients.

We promote brainstorming and two-way communications with our clients to find new value creating opportunities for their product lines.


We produce specifications as the key output after brainstorming sessions with clients.

Specifications set out all details on how the clients’ expectations are met in measurable terms.

Our specifications list out not only the agreed quality level but also the specific measurement procedures in consideration of the perceived and foreseeable usage conditions.


We have solid experience in handling multi-media content which includes not only graphic, audio, and video, but also software programs.

We convert multi-media content into the right format fit for the intended devices.

We advise and support our clients on the choice and production of the required media format to ensure that the ultimate, integrated result delivers the best quality.






We have a strong supplier base, from electronic solution design, prototyping, tooling,
molding, printing to assembly.

We have experienced engineering, production management, and quality control staff to ensure that production is run according to the agreed specifications.

We introduce critical process control points in production, which include SPC or specific testing equipment and procedures where appropriate.


We work with international third party testing labs in gaining product certificates of compliance for various countries safety and regulatory requirements according to our clients’ requirements.

We have high level of standards in ensuring products are in full compliance in terms of product safety, environmental, and social compliance.


Our product manufacturing process, pack-out process, and delivery process can be customized to fit customers’ distinct needs.

Fulfilling customers’ demand is our top priority. We can provide rapid response according to our customers’ orders.

We have production and warehousing facilities in Hong Kong, which provide great flexibility for our clients.

Case Studies

Audio Pen

We developed and produced a distinct audio pen product for an Asia industry leader
in Children English learning.

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Premium Packaging for Game Industry

Our client was one of the leading electronic game companies in the world demanding
also innovative packaging for their products.

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